Our goal is to get kids excited about the game of Lacrosse in a fun, informative and positive manner

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Coach Game Prep - Revised
  The following is a Game Prep List FOR HOME...
Boys Lacrosse - Use of Long Poles
  Our philosophy for defense is to train the kids...
Usage of Bathrooms while Practicing at Frisbie
  Coaches We have use of the OUTSIDE bathroom...
Coach Game Prep - Revised

The following is a Game Prep List


1. You need to have someone keep game time and penalty time. This can be a parent or one of the coaches. Ideally a parent so coaches can concentrate on the game. Sometimes the ref(s) will do game time. his person should use the stop-watch issued in the head coach bag to keep time and the air horn (also in the Head coach bag) to indicate the end of each quarter/half.

2. You wil need to place balls on the end-lines before the game and have at least 4 balls on the sideline for the ref.

3. You will need to place 3 cones on your sideline - one at midfield the other two 10 yards from the midfield cone. This is the "box" area where the kids come in and out of during substitutions.


1. Please ask you kids to arrive 45 minutes before game time. They should be stretching and doing some basic ground ball/passing drills at this time.

2. Ensure each player has a mouthpiece (cup for boys). If they do not, THEY CANNOT PLAY.

3. Please use caution when a player is hurt. Always default to keeping them out. In the case of a head injury, please have the parent come to get their child and recommend they be checked out by a doctor. If a child does go to the doctor. WE must receive a doctors note releasing them to practice and play.

Boys Lacrosse - Use of Long Poles

Our philosophy for defense is to train the kids to use their feet and not rely on their stick.

We have noticed that many of the kids default to swinging their long pole at a charging offensive player and are consistently beat.


Our policy is to use short sticks ONLY across all levels except 7/8th grade.  We can and should encourage the defensive players to catch, throw and cradle with a long pole but when it comes to drills and games where they need to defend the goal, please ensure they are using short poles.

Usage of Bathrooms while Practicing at Frisbie


We have use of the OUTSIDE bathroom located on the right side of the WALC. We do not have access to the bathrooms inside the WALC. 


The Key and access code (on the key chain) is located in a magnet case on the back panel of the A/C system on the side of the building where the bathroom is.
Coach/Keyholder will check bathroom and set the alarm (if needed) Under no circumstances should we allow kids to...
a) go unescorted to the side entrance for the bathroom
b) go escorted or unescorted through the main doors of the center


1) First coach to arrive opens bathrooms. Unlock the bathroom and turn off the alarm (put in code and hit the ENT button.
2) Put the key back behind the A/C compressor.

Ask a parent to escort the younger kids to the bathroom...one kid in the bathroom at a time

1) Last Coach to Leave go in bathroom, make sure it's tidy. With door closed behind you, set alarm (put in code and hit ENT)
2) Leave bathroom ensuring it is locked





Adobe PDF file 2015 Field Use - Non Frisbie *-  In addition to having Frisbie M-Thr until June 14th, we have some access to other fields for practices.

Microsoft Word file Adding Games or Practices *-  The procedure for adding games in the document is ONLY for games outside our parent league. If you have a game with another town in our parent league (CONNY) please check with Board member on process.

Microsoft Word file Adding Games or Practices *-  How to add a game or practice

Microsoft Word file Boys Lacrosse game Overview *-  A brief overview of the game that coaches can distribute to parents of new players

Microsoft Word file Coaches Meeting Presentation 2015 *

Microsoft Word file Girls Lacrosse Game Overview *-  A brief synopsis of the girls game that coaches can distribute to the parents of new players to help m understand the game

Microsoft Word file Wall Ball Challenge *

Adobe PDF file Wall Ball Exercises - Steps to Success *

*Note some or all of the preceding documents can be downloaded and displayed and/or printed in Adobe's Acrobat format.  If you do not have Adobe's free Acrobat Reader software, download it now.